Wiegert to be Shaved if Magdeburg Loses

Wiegert to be Shaved if Magdeburg Loses

It’s a big day for handball fans, as action resumes in the Liqui Moly Handball-Bundesliga after the European Championships. This day brings with it not only the excitement of the competition for the title but also a unique element – the most unusual beard in German professional sports.

Magdeburg suffered their last defeat on September 21, 2023, in Barcelona with a score of 20:32. Since then, Bennet Wiegert, age 42, has been a prominent figure in the sporting headlines.

Adding to the intrigue of the day, Kiel star Nikola Bilyk, age 27, spoke on the Dyn program “Auszeit HBL” about his beard. He humorously suggested that his beard could be a gift to the entire world of handball. While he acknowledged that Magdeburg might object, he expressed confidence that more people would support his view.

As for Wiegert, he has grown somewhat weary of the attention his beard has garnered, stating: “The hype about it is far too big for me.”

If Magdeburg loses, Wiegert will be shaved!

However, there’s a catch to this – Wiegert absolutely detests defeat!

Speaking about his beard and the superstition attached to it, Wiegert said, “I actually would have taken it off sooner if my damn superstition didn’t get the better of me sometimes.”

So, how long can his beard grow before it becomes an issue at home? He acknowledges that it’s already a problem due to its unkempt appearance, but he manages by reassuring his family. He tells them that they will have a happier dad and husband with a beard.

A defeat in Kiel would not only help Wiegert’s appearance but also make the league really exciting again. If Kiel defeats Magdeburg, they would be within four points of the leader. Adding to the excitement, Berlin and Flensburg will face each other tomorrow at 8.30 p.m. (to be broadcasted on WELT TV and Dyn).

Adding fuel to the fire, Flensburg captain Johannes Golla, age 26, has stated, “We know: If we want to have a say in the championship, we have to make the direct duels successful.”