Zelenskyy warns: Russia’s preparation suggests Ukraine conflict could escalate into World War III

Zelenskyy warns: Russia’s preparation suggests Ukraine conflict could escalate into World War III

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed concerns that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine could escalate into World War III. He believes that Russia, with its involvement in conflicts worldwide, will continue to provoke until the US and China intervene to put a stop to it. Zelenskyy made these statements during an interview with UK tabloid The Sun.

Zelenskyy claimed that Russia had a strong desire for the Israeli massacre and even provided training to Hamas militants. He emphasized that Russia and Iran are partners in these actions. He believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is intentionally igniting conflicts globally, which could spiral out of control if left unchecked.

Zelenskyy suggested that China could exert pressure on Russia to deter its aggressive actions. He stated that unlike Russia and Iran, China does not seem interested in the Middle East and occupying Ukraine. However, he acknowledged the complexity of the situation and emphasized that Ukraine is currently at the center of the global risks of World War III. Zelenskyy expressed his belief that Russia will only back down if the United States and China jointly demand it to vacate Ukrainian territory.

The Ukrainian President also highlighted the challenges his country is currently facing, including a lack of support in the US Congress and the destabilizing situation in the Middle East. Zelenskyy admitted that Ukraine would not be able to achieve victory without assistance from Western countries, as its military and financial resources are insufficient for self-defense.

Zelenskyy warned that if Russia succeeds in defeating Ukraine, NATO countries would be the next target. He pleaded with his Western counterparts, stating that the loss would not be limited to Ukrainians but would also affect Europeans and Americans. He emphasized that if Ukraine falls, Russia would swiftly occupy NATO countries such as the Baltic states and Poland, necessitating the deployment of foreign troops to prevent further aggression.

In conclusion, Zelenskyy’s remarks shed light on the escalating tensions in Ukraine and the potential for a larger conflict. He called for international support to prevent further Russian aggression and protect not only Ukraine but also NATO countries.