A1 Now Provides Travel Insurance for Users via Its App

A1 Now Provides Travel Insurance for Users via Its App


Travel insurance for A1 users is an innovative insurance service provided by our esteemed partner, L’AMIE AG, acting as an insurance agent alongside insurer Atlas Insurance PCC Limited. This uniquely designed service empowers you with the freedom to travel with insurance anywhere across the globe, free from the shackles of contractual obligation. The beauty of this package is that it only becomes active when you depart from Croatia, with charges applicable only for the days you spend outside the country.

Comprehensive Coverage

This service offers users comprehensive coverage, bundling all necessary protection into a single package. We offer an Individual package priced at a mere €1.69 per travel day for an individual user. For families, we have tailored a Family package at an affordable rate of €3.99 per travel day. This covers two adults and up to four children (up to 28 years of age). The flexibility of our service allows users to switch between packages as they please.

Activation and Validity

The service gets activated immediately upon registration, and remains valid for all your future trips. As soon as the user exits the country and connects to the local operator’s mobile network abroad, they are briefed about their active coverage for the trip via an SMS. Users have the option to cancel the service by simply replying STOP to the received SMS message. Upon their return to Croatia and reconnection to the A1 Croatia network, the user is notified about the conclusion of their coverage for that trip through an SMS, as per A1’s policy.

Partner’s Note

In the words of Monika Majstorović, the director of marketing for private users of A1 Croatia, “In collaboration with our partner L’AMIE, we have simplified the process of contracting insurance, making it more flexible and transparent than ever before. This new service ensures our users’ protection and peace of mind during their travels, eliminating the hassle of securing policies in advance. It offers them coverage for the most essential insurance services. With such innovations, we reiterate our commitment to being more than just a telecom, offering our users a one-stop solution for all their needs.”


Travel insurance for A1 users includes health insurance (both hospital and outpatient treatment, transportation, search and rescue), accident insurance (protection in the event of a severe accident while travelling), luggage insurance (coverage for damage, destruction, or loss of luggage during the trip), and delay insurance and flight cancellations (covering accommodation costs in the event of flight delays or cancellations).

Registration and Management

Registration for Travel Insurance for A1 users can be done through the Moj A1 application, during the subscription of a mobile tariff on our webshop (at the stage of Additional benefits), or at A1 centers and partner outlets. The Travel Insurance service for A1 users can be managed through the Moj A1 application, and the premium is conveniently added to the monthly bill for A1 services.