Angelo Mathews Launches Fiery Verbal Assault on Bangladesh Following Timed Out Controversy

Angelo Mathews Launches Fiery Verbal Assault on Bangladesh Following Timed Out Controversy

Sri Lanka all-rounder Angelo Mathews has expressed his outrage over his dismissal during the match against Bangladesh in the World Cup. Mathews was dismissed via ‘time out’, becoming the first batsman in international cricket to be timed out. The incident occurred during a dramatic match that was played amidst severe air pollution.

Mathews criticized Bangladesh’s decision to appeal for his dismissal, calling it “disgraceful” and stating that it had left him in “complete shock”. He argued that he had not done anything wrong and had been given two minutes to get ready to face the ball. However, an equipment malfunction with his helmet strap caused a delay, and despite his pleas, the umpires upheld Bangladesh’s appeal.

The dismissal has added to the bitter rivalry between the two teams. Mathews emphasized that his dismissal was not due to any intentional wrongdoing on his part but rather a pure equipment malfunction. He expressed his disappointment with the lack of sportsmanship displayed by Bangladesh and questioned their respect for the game.

Mathews also criticized the umpires for not using their common sense and checking with the TV umpire before making a decision. He argued that player safety should be a priority and questioned whether he should have played without his helmet on.

The Sri Lankan players did not shake hands with their opponents after the match, citing a lack of respect and sportsmanship from the Bangladesh team. Mathews stated that he had always respected Bangladesh and their captain, Shakib Al Hasan, but the incident had changed his perception.

Shakib defended his decision to appeal, stating that one of his fielders had informed him that Mathews had not taken guard within the time-frame. He maintained that he was within the rules and did not regret his decision. When asked if the decision was against the spirit of cricket, Shakib suggested that the ICC should consider changing the rules.

The incident has sparked controversy and debate about the rules and sportsmanship in cricket. Mathews plans to release a statement with video evidence to support his claims.