Approval Granted for Construction of 1,100 Apartments in Ashdod’s Industrial Zone

Approval Granted for Construction of 1,100 Apartments in Ashdod’s Industrial Zone

The District Commission for Design and Construction of the Southern District has given the green light for the construction project of the Soho complex. This complex is set to be situated in the industrial zone of Kiryat Eitanim and its approval marks its readiness for commencement.

The Soho complex, an ambitious construction project, will comprise of 16 distinct buildings. Each of these buildings will vary in size, with the height ranging from a modest 6 floors to a towering 30 floors. Altogether, they will provide space for approximately 1,100 apartments. The majority of these apartments, specifically 660 units, will be small-sized, with each unit covering a space of up to 75 square meters.

However, the Soho complex will not only be a residential area. The project has been designed to include a variety of public buildings as well. In addition to this, it will also provide spaces dedicated to a school, retail shops, and offices, thus making the Soho complex a versatile and comprehensive community.

Interestingly, the Soho project marks the beginning of an innovative plan that has been put forward by the planning authority. This plan aims to transform the industrial area into a mixed-use area. This would mean the area would not only be used for industrial activities, but it would also provide spaces for offices, retail shops, and housing. This plan, however, does not completely disregard the industrial aspect of the area, as it still intends to include some light industrial activities.

In line with this innovative plan, the Southern District Commission is also working on encouraging heavy industries to relocate from the industrial zone. This move is intended to make room for additional housing units. Specifically, the Commission is aiming to clear space for as many as 5,500 housing units.