Biden and Trump Triumph in Michigan Primaries

Biden and Trump Triumph in Michigan Primaries

Highlights of the Democratic Primary in Michigan

It is well-established that Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has secured a clear victory in the Democratic primary in Michigan. In a parallel path, Donald Trump also emerged as a clear winner in the Republican primaries. However, both these leaders are grappling with significant internal opposition, which is pivotal and demands serious attention. Biden’s opposition comes from those who believe the White House is taking a pro-Israel stance in the Gaza conflict. Trump, on the other hand, is facing resistance from moderates who supported his opponent, Nikki Haley, granting her around 30% votes. The vote counting process is ongoing for both parties, but the current indications strongly point towards a Biden-Trump faceoff. However, there are uncertainties, with approximately 15% of Democratic voters declaring themselves “uncommitted”, indicating they are yet to decide whether they would vote for Biden in the November presidential elections. In the 2020 elections, Biden’s victory margin over Trump was a mere 150,000 votes, thus, the undecided percentage could prove to be a game changer for Michigan.

The Role of Arab Americans in Michigan

Michigan is noteworthy as it is the state with the highest population of Arab Americans. CNN’s projections show that with just 20% of the seats, there are almost 30,000 Democratic voters who have not yet decided whether they would vote for Biden in the November elections. This figure has already surpassed the roughly 20,000 voters who declared themselves “uncommitted” in the three preceding party primaries. This data points towards a possible higher rate of abstention than initially expected. Following the preliminary results, a crowd gathered enthusiastically outside the Middle Eastern restaurant Adonis in Dearborn, a location where pro-Gaza supporters had urged Democratic voters to register as “uncommitted” in the primaries. The crowd demanded a ceasefire in Gaza. Abbas Alawieh, a spokesperson for Listen to Michigan, asked for a moment of silence in memory of the children who lost their lives in Gaza, and pleaded, “Stop killing our families. That’s all we ask.”

Trump’s Win and the Ongoing Republican Tussle

On the flip side, Trump emerged victorious again, posing a substantial threat to the nomination. This Saturday, the Republican convention is set to assign additional delegates, some of whom will likely support the business mogul. Unless Nikki Haley announces her withdrawal in the next few hours, it is probable that she will continue in the race until at least Super Tuesday, scheduled for March 5. This event will witness primaries in fifteen states and one territory. If the numbers continue to favor Trump, Haley might reach her limit on this day. It is noteworthy that the super donors of the former South Carolina governor are beginning to retreat.