Bluesky Gains Over a Million New Users Following Termination of Invitation System

Bluesky Gains Over a Million New Users Following Termination of Invitation System

The decentralized social media platform, Bluesky, has seen a significant increase in its user base, surpassing four million subscribers. This surge in user acquisition comes just two days after the platform announced its intention to scrap its existing invitation system, which had been the primary method for new user onboarding until now.

Bluesky was first introduced to the public back in 2019, by none other than Twitter’s then CEO, Jack Dorsey. Dorsey revealed his plans to fund a small, independent team with the sole mission of developing a social networking standard that was both “open and decentralized”.

In a recent development, Bluesky announced its plans to remove the invitation system that had been in place for new users up to that point. Additionally, the platform shared its intentions to open up the protocolo AT to external developers, fueling further growth and innovation.

Prior to these changes, Bluesky had approximately 1.6 million active users per month, with 25,000 customized ‘feeds’. The platform had seen 3 million logins since its inception and a significant number of app downloads, which the company hoped would translate to a steady increase in permanent users.

Following this, the social networking platform now boasts over 4 million active users, a figure that has continued to rise exponentially since February 5. The current subscriber count is around 4,245,700, based on data provided by the online accounting tool, Jaz.

Bluesky has been transparent with these metrics, sharing them on its X profile (previously Twitter). The platform reported that an average of 8.5 new accounts were registered every second, and that it saw a staggering two million posts in a single day.

On its social media account, Bluesky also celebrated the influx of over one million new users (to be precise, 1,000,179) in the early hours of this Thursday, Spanish time. These are users who have joined since the platform opened access to new subscribers without the need for an invitation.

In a recent interview with The Verge, Bluesky’s executive director, Jay Graber, mentioned her plans for monetizing the platform. She aims to do this by charging users for access to additional features, or for the customization of servers.

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