Calls for Resignation of X CEO Linda Yaccarino Intensify Following Controversial Endorsement by Elon Musk

Calls for Resignation of X CEO Linda Yaccarino Intensify Following Controversial Endorsement by Elon Musk

Several advertising executives are calling for Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X (formerly Twitter), to resign from her position following an advertiser exodus and criticism surrounding owner Elon Musk’s antisemitic comments on the platform. CNN reports that over the weekend, there was a “groundswell” of executives urging Yaccarino to step down in order to protect her reputation from further damage.

Lou Paskalis, CEO of marketing consultancy AJL Advisory and a former top media executive at Bank of America, revealed that he had sent Yaccarino a text advising her to leave before her reputation suffered. He stated that other industry members had also given the same advice. However, Yaccarino has chosen not to resign, as reported by the Financial Times. She expressed her belief in X’s goals and the people working there, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Yaccarino also took to X to emphasize her commitment to the company and its community.

The call for Yaccarino’s resignation comes following Elon Musk’s endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory on the platform. Additionally, reports from non-profit group Media Matters for America found that advertisements for top brands were displayed alongside pro-Nazi content, leading brands like IBM, Apple, Walt Disney, Comcast, and Warner Bros to suspend their advertising on the platform. The Financial Times reports that these companies, along with others, are also distancing themselves from Musk due to his comments.

In a letter to employees, Yaccarino reaffirmed her dedication to the company’s work, stating that criticism is expected when doing important work. She also highlighted X’s efforts in combating antisemitism and discrimination. On Monday, X filed a lawsuit against Media Matters, accusing the organization of defamation after it published a report claiming that major brands’ ads appeared next to Nazi-related posts.

The situation is still developing, and further updates are awaited.