Clear Penalty Required, Brother

Clear Penalty Required, Brother
A recent video communication from the VAR room, which surfaced on the Facebook page of Bijelo-plava birtija (the fan page of Osijek) and Dalmatian Portal, Hajduk Television and Dnevnik nervous Hajdukovac, has sparked a major controversy. This communication pertains to the match between Osijek and Dinamo (2-3) that took place on September 3. In this game, the “blues” emerged victorious by scoring two penalties during stoppage time.

The controversy revolves around the second penalty that occurred after the duel between Dina Perić and Stjope Mkrčjana. The latter, an Armenian player, failed to score a penalty, a fact that was not initially noticed by the referee Zebec but was picked up by the VAR room.

The following is a transcription of the communication that occurred between the head referee, Marija Zebec, and the VAR referee, Ivan Bebek.

Zebec initially opined that there was no penalty, to which Bebek replied asking him to hold on and not make a decision just yet. The conversation continued with Zebec stating that the goalkeeper was asking for help, and Bebek asking Zebec to look at the rear before making a decision.

Bebek then suggested that there could be a penalty on Perić, to which Zebec reluctantly agreed. The conversation continued with Bebek stating that there was no hinterland and that they needed to check if the impact was sooner.

The conversation continued with Bebek asking Zebec to wait and stating that a penalty was likely. He just needed to confirm if it was in the backfield and if there was an impact. The conversation ended with Bebek stating that it was not a hinterland and that he would call Zebec to the OFR for a potential penalty kick.

Zebec, in response to the people around him, asked them to sit down and then asked Bebek to continue speaking. Bebek then showed Zebec the incident in slow motion and from different camera angles, finally stating that it was a clean penalty.

Commission: Zebec made a mistake, it’s a penalty

The Judicial Commission’s press release described the situation stating that the referee of the match incorrectly assessed the incident inside the Osijek penalty area. The defender of Osijek, in an attempt to play the ball, committed an “unintentional”, but reckless and clear violation of the PNI. The KNS of the HNS considers this a clear failure in the correct interpretation of the PNI. The VAR referee’s intervention was expected as per the protocol, and after reviewing the OFR footage, the decision to award the penalty kick was deemed correct.

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