Cold Case Group Investigates Possibility of Jimmy Hoffa’s Burial at Former MLB Stadium

Cold Case Group Investigates Possibility of Jimmy Hoffa’s Burial at Former MLB Stadium

A nonprofit organization called Case Breakers claims to have discovered a potential burial site for former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to a press release on Wednesday, the group says that a dying police sergeant’s note on an ace of spades playing card provided them with crucial information in their investigation. The alleged burial site is believed to be located next to the current Milwaukee Brewers stadium, American Family Field, where the old stadium’s third-base line once stood. Case Breakers member James Zimmerman is credited with finding the playing card, which was believed to be written by a dying police sergeant tied to Hoffa’s kidnapping.

The organization claims to have been convinced by independent sources in three states that forensic investigation will reveal Hoffa’s remains at a little league field near Milwaukee’s MLB stadium. They state that three credible witnesses have stated that six years before the demolition of Milwaukee County Stadium, Hoffa’s body was moved to this location and secretly buried under the old stadium’s third base in 1995.

The alleged burial site is now situated outside the fence of a Little League stadium called Helfaer Field, built in 2002 in the former parking lot of the old stadium. The Case Breakers utilized old aerial photographs, GPS satellite images, and ground-penetrating radar in their investigation. However, the radar was unable to detect beyond 5 feet due to an unexpected clay layer, suggesting that a hurried excavation and backfilling may have taken place.

The organization also brought in a renowned cadaver dog expert, Carren Corcoran, and her dog provided several positive signals at the location. The Case Breakers now plan to collaborate with local law enforcement and the FBI to conduct further excavation at the site. They claim that the FBI has agreed to investigate the new claims after a verbal walk-through with one of their team members who is a 42-year federal investigator.

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared on July 30, 1975, while on his way to a meeting with mob bosses in Detroit. It is believed that his refusal to step aside and allow someone else to become the Teamsters president cost him his life. Despite numerous excavation efforts over the years, Hoffa’s body has never been found. He was legally declared dead in 1982.