Common European Defense Advocates Support for Kiev

Common European Defense Advocates Support for Kiev

The Party of European Socialists (PSE) has recently released its manifesto for the upcoming European elections, which is set to be approved today at the ongoing Congress at the Nuvola dell’Eur. The manifesto highlights Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine, describing it as a pivotal moment in history. The PSE strongly maintains its unconditional support for Ukraine, proposing political, humanitarian, financial, and military assistance for as long as it is deemed necessary.

The PSE also emphasizes its intention to establish a robust common European security and defense policy that will work in tandem with NATO. The party welcomes the commencement of EU accession negotiations with Ukraine, Moldova, and Bosnia Herzegovina and expresses its support for Georgia’s aspirations to join the European Union. It stresses the need for an effective enlargement policy, particularly focusing on the Western Balkans.

However, the PSE argues that any enlargement must be accompanied by a comprehensive evaluation of the required reforms to the EU’s infrastructure. This is to ensure a more efficient and democratic Europe.

On the Middle East, the PSE advocates for an international peace conference aimed at reaching a fair two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians. The party believes that both parties have the right to live in peace and security.

The PSE aims to enhance the EU’s collaboration with the United States and establish a robust partnership with the United Kingdom. Regarding China, the PSE aims to rebalance relations, while promoting European values, protecting European interests, and cooperating on critical global issues.

The PSE manifesto also highlights the need for a new partnership of equals with the global South. This includes a robust Africa-EU partnership, a revitalized euromediterraneo partnership, and a progressive EU-Latin America agenda.

In terms of economic policy, the PSE emphasizes the need to regulate Artificial Intelligence and strengthen online rights. The party also advocates for promoting intergenerational solidarity and creating a Europe that serves its young population.

The economic policy manifesto of the PSE is built on ten key principles: 1) Ensuring quality jobs for all; 2) A new green and social pact for a fair transition; 3) A robust European economy open to the world; 4) Tax justice for social justice; 5) The right to quality and affordable housing; 6) Access to health, care, and medicines; 7) Positioning public services at the heart of society; 8) Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable agriculture; 9) Ensuring safety; 10) Encouraging solidarity and development in all cities and regions.

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