Defense Minister Lloyd Austin Hospitalized Once More

Defense Minister Lloyd Austin Hospitalized Once More

The United States’ Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, is still performing his duties while undergoing treatment. He was recently hospitalized for symptoms related to a bladder issue, according to a bulletin from the Ministry of Defense.

This information has been communicated to the Deputy Defense Minister, Congress, the Council of US Defense Branch Commanders, and the White House. Despite his health issues, Austin will continue his duties for the time being.

Following a check-up in late January, doctors are hopeful that Austin will recover fully from his prostate cancer.

Austin, aged 70, underwent minor surgery in December to treat his cancer. However, he was readmitted to the hospital on New Year’s Day due to complications. The ministry did not disclose Austin’s hospitalization until several days later, leading to calls for his resignation and threats of impeachment from Republican decision-makers.

Austin acknowledged in early February that he should have informed the president about his cancer diagnosis. He also revealed that he was still recovering and suffering from leg pain, which necessitated his use of a golf cart to move around the Pentagon area of the Ministry of Defense’s main building.

In response to Austin’s hospitalization, both the White House and the Ministry of Defense launched investigations. The Biden administration subsequently introduced new guidelines on power delegation from a minister to a subordinate, and ensuring such delegation in scenarios where the minister may be unreachable.

Austin’s hospitalizations come at a challenging time for the United States, with the country involved in various international conflicts and strategic decisions. These include the situation in Gaza, attacks against pro-Iranian groups in Iraq and Syria, as well as supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression.

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