Digital Training Program Launched for Agrigento Municipalities

Digital Training Program Launched for Agrigento Municipalities

A leading company in the digitalisation of processes for companies and public administrations, Engineering, is initiating a digital training project in Sicily’s Sicani Internal Area. This project aligns with the recent guidelines of the European Framework for Digital Competence (DigComp), which outlines the necessary digital skills for citizens to enjoy a high quality of life, engage in a democratic society and compete in the job market.

Starting February 8, 2024, nearly 50,000 residents of 12 municipalities in the province of Agrigento will have access to the e-learning platform. These municipalities include Alessandria della Rocca, Bivona, Burgio, Calamonaci, Cattolica Eraclea, Cianciana, Lucca Sicula, Montallegro, Ribera, San Biagio Platani, Santo Stefano di Quisquina, and Villafranca Sicula. The ICT company has created and made available content on the platform to promote digital skills acquisition.

“Engineering has always been committed to promoting digital culture nationwide through initiatives that expose everyone to the opportunities provided by new technologies,” says Mauro Frassetto, Digital Experience Executive Director at Engineering. “We are very proud of the collaboration with the mayors of the Internal Sicani Area, who have facilitated the implementation of this democratic project, recognising its potential benefits to their citizens, communities, businesses and economy, and thereby contributing to the enhancement of the Region’s technological knowledge.”

Matteo Ruvolo, Mayor of Ribera and the official responsible for the project, asserts that “training is indeed a crucial tool for facing the future. With this project that we’ve developed in collaboration with Engineering, we aim to provide our community with an easily accessible tool to fully comprehend the immense potential of technology. We understand that having digital knowledge is indispensable nowadays. It equips people with the ability to access accurate and truthful news, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions. It also enhances professionals’ adaptability to changes, increases their chances of finding new job opportunities, and improves their career prospects.”

The significance of this initiative is underscored by recent Eurostat data, which reveals that Sicilian citizens are unfamiliar with the numerous potentials and possibilities offered by the internet, ranking second last, at 34%, in digital competence among Italian Regions. Only slightly more than three out of ten people possess basic digital skills.

Engineering’s project is designed to address this issue, thereby strengthening its connection with Sicily, where it supports dozens of municipalities in their digitalisation journeys with the help of over 400 professionals working in the region. Drawing on twenty years of experience in employee training through its IT & Management Academy, Engineering offers a course that is open to all residents of the Inner Sicani Area: young people and students, professionals, job seekers, entrepreneurs, public administration workers, and even retirees.

The course consists of 5 multimedia modules that cater to users with basic or intermediate knowledge. It covers various topics in depth, such as the use of search engines and social media, digital citizenship rights, the application of artificial intelligence in text writing, legal and ethical practices in online content management, copyright and digital content protection, data security, and even social issues like cyberbullying. To proceed to the subsequent modules, users must achieve intermediate goals and pass a final evaluation quiz, after which they will receive a certificate of participation. Registration requires signing up on the DigiComp AI Terre Sicani portal, being a resident in one of the 12 municipalities of the Internal Sicani Area, providing the necessary data to create an account, and having an internet connection and a multimedia device (PC or tablet).