Discover My Current Ride and the 3 Cars I Would Never Consider Owning

Discover My Current Ride and the 3 Cars I Would Never Consider Owning

Toyota Camry: The Reliable Choice for Mechanics

When it comes to choosing a car, mechanics have a unique perspective. They know which vehicles are most likely to last hundreds of thousands of miles without major issues. GOBankingRates spoke to automotive professionals to get their insights on the best and worst cars on the market.

One mechanic, Jacob Carter, who specializes in engine maintenance and repair, drives a 2015 Toyota Camry. Despite his expertise in classic and muscle cars, Carter chose the Camry for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance. The Camry has a proven track record for longevity and minimal repairs, making it a top choice for car enthusiasts like Carter.

In fact, the Toyota Camry has been the best-selling midsize sedan in the U.S. for 21 years straight. Its smaller counterpart, the Toyota Corolla, holds the title of the best-selling car of all time. The Camry’s popularity is due to its affordability, reliability, and low operating costs. It has consistently ranked as one of the cheapest cars to own and operate.

Not only is the Camry reliable, but it also offers versatility. It comes with a V6 engine option, rare in its class, and has a hybrid version for those seeking fuel efficiency. The Camry is also equipped with advanced safety features, including a backup camera and lane departure warning system.

While the Camry is a top choice for mechanics like Carter, there are certain models they would never own. Carter advises against buying a Dodge Dart, citing its reputation for unreliability, frequent repairs, poor safety rating, and lack of modern features. He also discourages purchasing a Volkswagen Beetle due to its limited cargo space and compact size, which makes it difficult to work on. Finally, Carter recommends avoiding the Ford Focus due to its history of transmission issues and lower safety rating compared to other cars in its class.

Another automotive expert, Peter Zavarelli, advises against buying brand new car models that have undergone a design refresh or are in their first year of production. These models often have quirks and failures that the manufacturer may not have anticipated, resulting in frequent repairs. Zavarelli suggests waiting a few years after a design change to purchase a particular model, as most of the issues would have been resolved by then.

In conclusion, the Toyota Camry stands out as the top choice for mechanics due to its reliability, longevity, and low operating costs. It’s a versatile vehicle that offers both power and fuel efficiency, making it a popular option among car enthusiasts. However, caution should be exercised when buying brand new models or vehicles with design refreshes, as they may have unforeseen issues.