Disney+ Starts Limiting Shared Password Use in the U.S.

Disney+ Starts Limiting Shared Password Use in the U.S.

In a move mirroring the actions of other streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ has begun limiting the ability to share passwords with users outside of one’s own household in the United States. This follows Netflix’s policy of preventing the use of a single account on devices located outside of the main residential address.

The popular streaming platform had already amended their subscription contract back in September 2023, where they made clear their stance on account sharing, explicitly forbidding subscribers from sharing their access with users outside their household. This move is seen as a way to prevent account sharing and ensure that each household maintains its own subscription.

This measure was first introduced to subscribers in Canada during the fall season, and now, Disney+ has started enforcing this restriction for users in the United States. Subscribers were informed of this change via an email notification with the revised terms of account usage, a copy of which was accessed by The Verge.

The notification clarified that, moving forward, American subscribers may face challenges in accessing the service if they attempt to use login details that are not associated with their household. This is part of Disney+’s efforts to maintain the integrity of their service and ensure that it is used as intended.

As outlined in the email sent to subscribers, Disney+ is introducing “limitations for sharing accounts outside the home”. The email also explained how the platform will “evaluate compliance with these limitations”.

To ensure subscribers adhere to these sharing restrictions, the platform plans to analyze account usage and compare it against these new guidelines. While the specifics of this process have not been detailed, it is clear that Disney+ is taking steps to enforce these new rules.

These changes in account usage have already been rolled out for new subscribers. Disney+ has also stated that these restrictions will begin to apply to existing subscribers, with these changes slated to come into effect on March 14.

Disney+’s decision to limit account sharing follows a similar announcement by Hulu – a streaming content platform also under the Disney Entertainment umbrella. Like Disney+, Hulu has implemented identical measures to deter subscribers from sharing their passwords with users outside of their household.