Donald Trump Faces Yet Another Dismal Setback

Donald Trump Faces Yet Another Dismal Setback

As I glance at the most recent polls and start to panic about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the presidency again, I try to calm myself down by reminding myself that he is likely to become a convicted felon by next November. While his supporters may not be bothered by this, I believe it will be enough to sway swing voters and ultimately lead to his defeat.

This scenario became more plausible when a California judge presiding over a misconduct trial against Trump’s attorney, John Eastman, made a “preliminary finding” of his culpability in attempting to halt the certification of the 2020 election results. Although Eastman is not guilty of anything yet, this finding brings him closer to being disbarred, which could incentivize him to plead and cooperate in the criminal case to avoid prison.

Eastman is one of the defendants in the RICO case against Trump and others in Fulton County, Georgia, for conspiring to steal the election. Four named defendants in the case have already pleaded out and agreed to provide testimony against other defendants. Additionally, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has obtained an immunity deal and has testified under oath three times in a related case.

In addition to these legal troubles, the Trump family is also facing a significant case brought by the New York attorney general against the Trump Organization. During the testimony, Donald Trump Jr. tried to shift blame onto the accounting firm used by the Trumps, while Eric Trump denied working on financial statements. Ivanka Trump is set to testify next week, despite her motion to avoid testifying during a school week being denied.

All of these cases are likely to have severe consequences for Donald Trump, potentially impacting his future, freedom, and even the White House. While a judge in Florida may postpone one trial, the others will proceed, and high-profile individuals with direct contact with Trump have already flipped and will testify against him.

This upcoming period is expected to be tumultuous and terrifying. Republican candidates are unlikely to challenge Trump, fearing the repercussions. They find themselves in an impossible position, as going after the front-runner could hurt their own chances while leaving Trump untouched and leading by a wide margin. This situation will likely result in weeks of polls showing Trump ahead and gaining momentum, with no negative news affecting his popularity.

Trump’s dominance is expected to continue with victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, and if he wins both, the race will essentially be over. A month of headlines proclaiming Trump’s unstoppable victory will follow. However, amidst these headlines, there will be a reminder of the ongoing E. Jean Carroll damages trial against Trump, in which a judge has already stated that Trump raped Carroll.

As the walls close in, Trump will become an increasingly desperate and erratic figure. His privileged life has shielded him from consequences in the past, but that time is coming to an end. He will face a reckoning that he is not prepared for.