‘Fatal Negligence: Tragic Death of Child Exposes Persistent Neglect of Notorious Las Vegas-Area Road Defect’

‘Fatal Negligence: Tragic Death of Child Exposes Persistent Neglect of Notorious Las Vegas-Area Road Defect’

Title: Tragic Death of Teen Exposes Neglected Road Defect in Las Vegas Suburb

A heartbreaking incident in a Las Vegas suburb has shed light on a dangerous road defect that remained unfixed until it claimed the life of a 13-year-old boy. The tragic accident has sparked an investigation into why the local authorities failed to address the recurring issue despite prior incidents. This article delves into the details surrounding the accident and the subsequent efforts to rectify the road defect.

On March 7, 2022, a driver racing down a residential road in a Las Vegas-area neighborhood lost control of his vehicle after hitting a bump, resulting in the death of a young boy who was walking on the sidewalk. The bump had been the cause of multiple accidents in the past, with cars frequently landing in the same area where the boy, Rex Patchett, tragically lost his life.

Neglected Road Defect:
Investigations conducted by 8 News Now have revealed that the road defect, known locally as “Mannion’s Bump” or “Mannion’s Hump,” had been a known issue for several years. Neighbors had consistently complained about the dangerous condition of the road, citing excessive speeding and the proximity of Mannion Middle School as a cause for concern. The bump, located on Paradise Hills Drive near Noble Isle Street, had become a favorite spot for reckless drivers to go airborne.

Prior Incidents:
Records obtained by 8 News Now indicate that several accidents had occurred at the same location in the years leading up to Rex Patchett’s death. In 2021, a crash similar to the fatal accident took place, with the car hitting the same bump and losing control. The vehicle ended up overturned, but luckily, the occupants survived. Similar incidents were reported in 2018 and 2019, highlighting the recurring danger posed by the road defect.

Lack of Action:
Complaints regarding the road and the bump had been submitted to the city of Henderson, but no action was taken to rectify the issue. A neighbor described the road as a “drag strip” in a letter to the city, emphasizing the urgent need for improvements. However, the city claimed that the prior incidents were not sufficient notice to address the defect.

Fatal Accident Prompts Action:
It was not until Rex Patchett’s tragic death that the city of Henderson finally took action. Two days after the accident, city employees discovered that traffic engineers were unaware of the existence of the bump. Following this revelation, the city added warning signs and eventually removed the bump in October 2022 at a cost of nearly $150,000. Additionally, a roundabout was installed further down Paradise Hills Drive to enhance pedestrian safety.

The death of Rex Patchett has exposed the negligence and lack of action on the part of the city of Henderson in addressing a known road defect. Despite previous accidents and numerous complaints, it took a fatal incident to prompt the necessary repairs. The tragedy has sparked discussions about the need for better road maintenance and prompt response to community concerns to prevent similar accidents in the future.