Five Spanish Gallery Owners to Participate in TEFAF Fair in Maastricht 2024

Five Spanish Gallery Owners to Participate in TEFAF Fair in Maastricht 2024

The 37th edition of TEFAF de Maastricht, a renowned art fair held in the Netherlands, will be welcoming five Spanish gallery owners among its participants. This year, the fair will be held from March 9 to 14 and will play host to a diverse range of art from 270 international galleries originating from 22 different countries around the world.

These five Spanish galleries include Caylus, Colnaghi, Deborah Elvira, Mayoral Gallery, and Artur Ramon Art. These powerhouse galleries will be adding their unique flair to the artistic contest. This edition of the fair will see an influx of new talent, with 18 new gallery owners joining the roster.

TEFAF de Maastricht has always been a hub for showcasing a variety of art forms. This year, the fair will be highlighting the plastic arts section, which includes painting, drawing, and engraving. Standouts include a Modigliani drawing from 1910 from the Dr. Paul Alexandre collection, a woodcut by Hasui Kawase, and a painting by the legendary Vincent Van Gogh. The design and decorative arts pieces also promise to be a crowd-pleaser, with Quantum Pocket IV by Elisabeth Fritsch, an elongated table by Martin-Guillaume Biennais presented by Artur Ramon Art, and a ‘Para Eva’ Stool by Michele Oka Doner all set to be displayed.

Caylus Gallery, hailing from Madrid, will be bringing along an assortment of over twenty works. These will include pieces from renowned painters from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries such as Sánchez Coello, Cecco da Caravaggio, Nicolas Regnier, Anton Raphael Mengs, and Juan Bautista Maíno. One of the notable works on display will be the Imposition of the scapular as Saint Simon Stock, painted by Maíno around 1611.

The Colnaghi Gallery, which has bases in Madrid, London, and New York, will also be showcasing a range of select works. These include a watercolor by Turner, a drawing by Françoise Gilot who was Picasso’s partner, and another drawing by Ligozzi. A painting by Domingos António de Sequeira titled ‘The Descent from the Cross’ will also grace the exhibition.

Deborah Elvira is set to exhibit a reliquary of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Saint Francis Javer, dating back to the early 18th century. The Mayoral Gallery, located in Barcelona and Paris and specializing in contemporary art and historical avant-garde, will bring works by Picasso and Miró to its Maastricht stand. This will include Miró’s 1964 watercolor ‘Femme entourée d’un couple d’oiseaux’, as well as pieces by Chillida, Tàpies, Antonio Saura, and Manuel Millares.

The TEFAF Focus section will see Mayoral dedicating another stand to Salvador Dalí, featuring several of his works. These include an artwork inspired by ‘La noia de la finestra’, a ‘Vanitas’ from 1933 dedicated to his writer friend René Crevel, the Molecular Equestrian Figure from 1952, and ‘Double Image with the Appearance of a Vermeer Figure on the Face of Abraham Lincoln’ from 1933.

Last but not least, the Barcelona-based Artur Ramon Art gallery will be bringing a diverse collection of around 50 works, covering paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and decorative arts. Highlights from their selection include Sorolla’s ‘Playa de Valencia’, Giacometti’s ‘Lampe coupe aux deux figures’, an 18th-century carving by Cristóbal Ramos, a 16th-century Manises pottery, a Spanish gilt silver, a scagliola representing Our Lady of Sorrows, and a late 18th-century coffee table by Martin-Guillaume Biennais.