Harrisburg Judge Faces Suspension Without Pay Due to Misconduct

Harrisburg Judge Faces Suspension Without Pay Due to Misconduct

A judge in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, has been suspended without pay following an investigation that uncovered multiple violations. Harrisburg Magisterial District Judge Sonya McKnight is facing allegations of theft of time, solicitation on her social media account, and failure to appear in court without providing a valid excuse. The Court of Judicial Discipline in Pennsylvania revealed these violations in court documents.

According to the documents, Judge McKnight granted four members of her staff additional vacation days without reporting them. Additionally, she promoted a product on her personal Facebook page while wearing judicial robes, which is considered inappropriate. This behavior raises concerns about impartiality and professionalism.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Judge McKnight has faced disciplinary action. In February 2021, she was suspended for allegedly interfering with the arrest of her son in 2020 in Harrisburg.

The suspension serves as a response to the serious nature of the allegations against Judge McKnight. It aims to ensure a fair and unbiased legal system by holding judges accountable for their actions. The Court of Judicial Discipline will continue its investigation to determine the appropriate measures to be taken.

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