Joe Biden Hopes for Gaza Ceasefire by Monday

Joe Biden Hopes for Gaza Ceasefire by Monday

US President Joe Biden, during his visit to New York where he made an appearance on an NBC television show, expressed his hopes for a ceasefire agreement in Gaza to be reached by Monday. If this happens, it could lead to the release of some of the numerous hostages currently in the hands of Hamas, which is more than a hundred in number. This statement was made in response to a question from journalists trailing him about his expectations for the commencement of the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

Biden also made mention of his National Security Advisor’s input on the matter, stating, “My national security advisor informs me that we are nearing the end. But it’s not finalized yet. My aspiration is that by Monday we will have a ceasefire.” His comments were casual and off-the-cuff, made while he was enjoying an ice cream break following his speech recording for Seth Meyers’ “Late Show”, an NBC broadcast celebrating its tenth anniversary.

The President’s unexpected appearance on the show had been hinted at on social media hours prior. However, it was met with protests from pro-Palestine demonstrators who accused him of supporting the pro-Israel policies in Washington, and indirectly contributing to the genocide of Palestinians along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Despite these protests, Biden received a standing ovation upon entering the studio.

The proposed ceasefire could alleviate some pressure on the White House, currently facing criticism even from Democratic voters, particularly the youth, a demographic Biden is relying on for electoral success in the upcoming November elections. Assistance may come from the Middle East. Over the weekend, Israel’s war cabinet approved a six-week truce and the release of approximately forty hostages.

A delegation from Netanyahu’s government is expected to travel to Qatar for meetings with representatives from the United States, Egypt, and Qatar. The agreement could potentially involve the exchange of Palestinian prisoners accused of terrorism. If this turns out to be true, it might prompt Hamas to release Israeli soldiers captured in an October 7 raid, and agree to a deal that would temporarily halt the conflict along the Gaza Strip.