Joe Biden’s Next Moves Following Crucial Summit with Xi Jinping

Joe Biden’s Next Moves Following Crucial Summit with Xi Jinping

Woodside (US): US President Joe Biden reiterated his view that Chinese President Xi Jinping is a “dictator” following a summit between the two leaders. This statement comes after Biden initially compared Xi to a dictator earlier this year, which angered Beijing.

During a news conference, a reporter asked Biden if he would still use the term to describe Xi. In response, Biden stated, “Well look, he is, I mean he’s a dictator in the sense that he’s a guy who’s running a country, a Communist country, that’s based on a form of government totally different than ours.”

Biden’s characterization of Xi as a dictator reflects the ongoing tensions between the United States and China. The two countries have been engaged in a range of disputes, including trade, human rights, and technology.

The summit between Biden and Xi aimed to address these issues and find common ground for cooperation. However, Biden’s remarks indicate that he still holds the view that Xi’s leadership resembles that of a dictator.

It remains to be seen how Beijing will respond to Biden’s comments. The Chinese government has previously criticized the US President for his remarks, and this latest statement is likely to further strain the already tense relations between the two global powers.

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