Man Charged After Abandoned Dog Mikey Discovered in Airport Parking Lot, Authorities Confirm

Man Charged After Abandoned Dog Mikey Discovered in Airport Parking Lot, Authorities Confirm

A man from West Virginia is facing charges of animal abandonment, neglect, and cruelty after allegedly leaving his dog at a Pennsylvania airport, according to the Allegheny County Police Department. The dog, named Mikey, was discovered in the parking garage of Pittsburgh International Airport on November 16. Mikey was found to have a dental infection and was subsequently taken to a local shelter for care.

Authorities believe that the 68-year-old suspect spent some time inside the airport before leaving the dog in the short-term parking garage prior to his flight to California. Photographs shared by the police show Mikey with the man initially and later tied to a pole near a parking spot in the garage.

Despite the identification of the man from Windsor Heights, Allegheny County police faced difficulties in reaching him. Consequently, after consulting with the district attorney’s office, they proceeded with filing charges against him.

This incident is not the first of its kind at Pittsburgh International Airport. Just a few months ago, in August, another dog was found abandoned in a stroller outside the airport. When airline officials informed the passenger that the dog needed to be in a crate to board the flight, the owner left the dog behind and boarded the plane.

The shelter, Animal Friends, where Mikey is currently residing, is collaborating with the state dog warden to obtain a court order that would ensure Mikey receives appropriate care. At present, Mikey is not available for adoption.

In other news related to animal abandonment, an injured puppy was recently found abandoned at an Indiana airport, and officials are now searching for its owner. Additionally, a stray dog covered in scars has found a new home in Florida, and a cat that was set on fire has miraculously recovered in Washington and is now in search of a loving family.