Maria Bartiromo Proposes Controversial COVID Theory with Numerous Inconsistencies

Maria Bartiromo Proposes Controversial COVID Theory with Numerous Inconsistencies

In a recent episode of Fox Business, host Maria Bartiromo put forth a puzzling theory suggesting that China intentionally unleashed COVID-19 on the United States to remove Donald Trump from the presidency and install Joe Biden in the White House. Bartiromo, along with Rep. Brad Wenstrup, were discussing the possibility of the virus leaking from a lab in Wuhan and China’s attempts to suppress information. However, Bartiromo took it a step further by suggesting a deliberate act.

Bartiromo asked, “I mean, is there a chance that China released this virus on America intentionally? Disrupt the country, get Donald Trump out, get your man in there, Joe Biden, and then cover it up?” Wenstrup, who chairs a pandemic committee, did not fully endorse this theory, but pointed out that China did not make efforts to protect America and seemed to have awareness of the situation.

However, Bartiromo’s theory has some major flaws. As Wenstrup himself noted, the virus affected people globally, not just in the United States. Additionally, China was also significantly impacted by the pandemic, making it unclear what benefits they would gain from such a far-fetched plot to remove Trump for Biden.

It is worth mentioning that Bartiromo has a history of embracing conspiracy theories and spreading misinformation. She has shown a willingness to entertain baseless claims without solid evidence.

Wenstrup also made claims about China potentially developing bioweapons based on the coronavirus, and accused Democrats, including former White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, of ignoring the lab theory. However, Fauci has repeatedly expressed support for further research into the origins of the virus, while expressing doubts about the lab theory.

In conclusion, Bartiromo’s theory suggesting China intentionally released COVID-19 to remove Trump from office lacks substantial evidence and ignores the global impact of the virus. Wenstrup’s claims about bioweapons and Fauci’s stance on the lab theory should be examined with caution.