Metro Atlanta Woman Unable to Get Refund for Overcharged $7,000 Subway Sandwich

Metro Atlanta Woman Unable to Get Refund for Overcharged ,000 Subway Sandwich

A metro Atlanta woman was shocked to discover that she had been charged over $7,000 for a Subway Italian sub on her credit card bill. Vera Conner, a regular customer at the College Park Subway, expressed her disbelief, stating, “I could have gone to Italy and got the sandwich.” Conner noticed the exorbitant charge when she checked her credit card statement at the end of the week. Normally, her sandwich costs $7.54, but this time, the bill came to a staggering $7,112.98.

Upon further examination, Conner realized that the number on the tipline matched several digits of her telephone number. She believes that while trying to enter her phone number to collect Subway rewards points, the screen changed to the tip option. Conner initially thought rectifying the mistake would be simple, but her attempts to reverse the charge have been unsuccessful for nearly a month.

Conner claimed that the Subway store manager refused to discuss the issue with her, and her credit card company denied her dispute. Frustrated by the lack of resolution, she expressed her disbelief, saying, “I feel like everyone that sees it has to know that it’s a mistake. I’ve worked in retail before. I know how we tally up at the end of the night.”

Bank of America, the issuer of Conner’s credit card, has intervened by reaching out to both the Subway franchise and its corporate offices. After tagging Subway on social media and bringing attention to the incident, Subway promptly responded to requests for comment. They acknowledged that Conner had disputed the charge and confirmed that Bank of America had requested a chargeback. Subway assured that they were in the process of processing the chargeback.

As the investigation continues, Conner hopes to resolve the issue and have the incorrect charge reversed.