Nations League 2024-25: Italy Grouped with Belgium, France, and Israel

Nations League 2024-25: Italy Grouped with Belgium, France, and Israel

In the Nations League 2024-25, as determined by the draw held in Paris, Italy finds itself facing a challenging set of opponents. The Azzurri will be up against Belgium, France, and Israel in group A2 . This selection of teams promises to present a thrilling clash of football prowess on the international stage.

The coach of the Azzurri, Luciano Spalletti, has expressed his thoughts on facing these formidable adversaries. He acknowledges the stern challenge ahead, noting the inherent toughness of the draw. However, he believes that the Italians are well accustomed to such demanding scenarios. He feels that such a draw gives his team a clear idea of what they need to do and how they need to conduct themselves on the field.

Spalletti further elaborates on the nature of the Nations League competition. He believes that the competition was smartly formed to elevate the standards of participating teams. Speaking to Rai Sport, the Tuscan coach emphasises that such matches offer teams the opportunity to continuously improve their performance levels. He singles out France as a particularly stimulating opponent. This is because the French national team boasts a rich history in the sport. The matches against them have always been closely contested and will surely motivate the Italian team to up their game.

The 4 groups of Lega A

The Nations League group stage draw has resulted in the formation of four groups in League A. Group 1 comprises Croatia, Portugal, Poland, and Scotland. Italy finds itself in Group 2, alongside Belgium, France, and Israel. Group C has been formed by Holland, Hungary, Germany, and Bosnia. The final group, Group D, consists of Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, and Serbia. The draw promises a series of thrilling matches between some of the best footballing nations in the world.

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