Nikki Sixx Exposes Terrifying Stalking Incidents Targeting His Wife and Child

Nikki Sixx Exposes Terrifying Stalking Incidents Targeting His Wife and Child

Nikki Sixx, the renowned musician from Mötley Crüe, recently took to social media to disclose the distressing experiences his family has endured at the hands of two stalkers. In a heartfelt post, Sixx detailed the ordeals his loved ones have suffered, shedding light on the ongoing nature of one of these incidents.

Similar to many other public figures, Sixx and his family have been subjected to harassment and threats by an individual fixated on their lives. This deranged woman from Tennessee, whom Sixx has never met or encountered before, specifically targeted his wife and child, issuing threats of death and bodily harm.

This was not a mere case of an internet troll, but rather someone convinced of their connection to Sixx. The relentless harassment persisted for a considerable period and grew increasingly terrifying, necessitating Sixx’s multiple appearances in court to obtain restraining orders. Regrettably, the stalker violated these restraining orders numerous times. Consequently, the court recognized the gravity of the situation, holding the stalker in contempt and issuing an arrest order.

Expressing gratitude, Sixx thanked the judge, court staff, and his legal team for their unwavering commitment to protecting his family throughout this ordeal.

Sixx initially brought attention to this issue through a tweet last year, sharing his visit to court to secure an “Order of Protection” for his family. He expressed sadness at how obsessive-compulsive behavior can escalate into mental illness. In his most recent social media post, Sixx revealed that his family is now being targeted by a second stalker.

According to Sixx, this new stalker hails from a different part of the country and has followed the same pattern, going as far as traveling to his residence and reigniting threats against their lives. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently investigating this distressing situation.

While threats against his safety are concerning, the severity escalates when it involves his wife and children. Sixx emphasized that they do not deserve such treatment and expressed gratitude towards the FBI, law enforcement, detectives, and the legal system for treating these threats with the utmost urgency and seriousness they demand.

Demonstrating his unwavering commitment to safeguarding his family, Sixx concluded by stating that he would go to any lengths necessary to protect them from harm.