Nuclear War Risk Created, We Possess Retaliatory Weapons

Nuclear War Risk Created, We Possess Retaliatory Weapons

President Vladimir Putin, in a recent speech to the Duma, refuted Western claims that Russia plans to attack Europe, calling them “nonsensical”. He warned Ukraine’s Western allies about Russia’s capabilities to strike their territories, and that their threats have escalated the risk of nuclear conflict. Putin emphasized that Russia also possesses weapons that can reach their territories and that the West’s actions have increased the threat of nuclear war. He pledged that Russia will do everything within its power to terminate the war and eliminate Nazism from Ukraine, stating that Russia did not initiate the war in Donbass but is committed to ending it.

As the presidential elections approach, in which Putin is running for a fifth term, he updated the parliamentarians on the ongoing operations, stating that Russian forces are continuously securing more territories. He warned NATO about the potential disastrous consequences of deploying troops in Ukraine, referring to the historical fate of those who once sent troops to Russia. Putin also mentioned the West’s attempt to engage Russia in an arms race and stated that Russia will soon demonstrate that Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles are combat-ready. He further addressed US allegations of Russia’s intent to deploy nuclear weapons in space, dismissing them as baseless and a ploy to drag Russia into negotiations favorable to the US.

Putin further asserted that the strategic nuclear forces are fully prepared for use and that every armament project is either completed or nearing completion. He mentioned the commissioning of the Kinzhal air-launched hypersonic system and its effectiveness in hitting critical targets in military special operations. The Kinzhal is a precision-guided hypersonic aeroballistic missile mounted on the upgraded MiG-31 long-range interceptor fighter, capable of hitting targets over 2,000 kilometers away and can penetrate any existing target and potential air and missile defense system.

The USA: “Irresponsible rhetoric”

The United States responded to Putin’s warnings, labeling them as “irresponsible” and asserting that there is no evidence suggesting Russia is preparing for war. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller called out Putin’s rhetoric as unfit for a leader of a nuclear-armed state.

The director of Novaya Gazeta was arrested and sentenced to pay a fine

Serghei Sokolov, the editor of Novaya Gazeta, was fined 30,000 rubles (approximately 300 euros) on charges of “discrediting” the army. He was arrested by security forces and later taken to the Perovsky court in Moscow. The court rejected defense requests to postpone the hearing, to summon former Novaya Gazeta editor and Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov, and to examine the indictment. The case against Sokolov is based on material published in December on Novaya Gazeta’s Telegram channel, which allegedly discredited the actions of power structures. Sokolov has reportedly disagreed with the findings.

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