Onnibus Acquires Paunu’s Express Business

Onnibus Acquires Paunu’s Express Business

On February 12, Paunu’s long-distance service will undergo a significant change, as it is set to be transferred to Onnibus.

Koivisto Onnibus, a part of the auto group, has decided to acquire the express bus business from Väinö Paunu. This move will see Paunu’s long-distance service being transferred to Onnibus on the aforementioned date of February 12.

Significantly, this transaction is not only about the transfer of the services. It also includes the transfer of the human resources and assets associated with the service. Specifically, 14 drivers and two fitters will be transferred from Paunu to the Koivisto auto group. Furthermore, 13 vehicles will also be moved as part of this transaction.

Paunu, as a company, has been one of the operators of the Expressbus brand. Its operations have been spread across various routes, with services currently operating from Tampere to other major cities like Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, and Lahti.

Despite this upcoming transition, it has been assured that all current Paunu long-distance services will continue to operate as they are until February 25.

This acquisition is seen as a strategic move by Koiviston Auto’s Group. As expressed by their Group CEO Henrik Mikkola, “Purchasing Paunu’s express service business strengthens our position in traffic operated from Tampere and is thus a natural continuation of our growth in Pirkanmaa”.