Pelephone Solves Smartphone Reception Issues

Pelephone Solves Smartphone Reception Issues
In Israel, cellular reception is widely available throughout most parts of the country. However, there remain certain areas where cellular coverage is less consistent, particularly during emergency situations. To address this issue, Pelephone, one of Israel’s leading telecommunication companies, announced a new partnership with AST Space Mobile. The objective of this collaboration is to offer phone calls via cellular satellite communication, ensuring reliable coverage even in the most remote locations.

This innovative solution will allow smartphones to connect with the cellular company through a satellite orbiting the earth, thereby providing high-level cellular connectivity anywhere and anytime. Pelephone is scheduled to conduct satellite communication tests and trials in April at the AST Space Mobile headquarters located in Texas, USA. The company aims to fully implement this service later this year, providing a comprehensive solution for cellular coverage in remote areas without reception or during emergencies.

A significant advantage of this service is that it can be accessed from any smartphone, eliminating the need for a dedicated satellite phone. Satellite communication operates by maintaining contact with satellites that orbit the earth, providing full coverage of reception globally. This technology is particularly useful in regions where cellular sites cannot be established and in remote areas lacking infrastructure, as it ensures necessary coverage and connectivity.

iPhone – Text Messaging Via Satellite

In recent years, technology manufacturers have begun integrating satellite communication capabilities with smartphones. Apple, for instance, introduced a service called Emergency SOS via Satellite in 2022 with the release of the iPhone 14. This service enables the sending of emergency text messages, with a range of pre-prepared messages available for quick and easy transmission. Additionally, the service allows users to share their location via the Find My App service.

While Apple’s satellite messaging service is currently available in several countries, including the USA, the UK, Italy, Australia, Germany, and France, it is not yet offered in Israel. However, the partnership between Pelephone and AST Space Mobile suggests that satellite communication capabilities could soon be more widely accessible within Israel.