PETA Advocates for Animal Welfare, Demands Termination of Carousel Animals

PETA Advocates for Animal Welfare, Demands Termination of Carousel Animals

Most people are familiar with the Animal protection organization PETA, particularly for its high-profile campaigns against the use of Fur. PETA’s activists are dedicated opponents of animal cruelty and are ardent advocates for a vegan lifestyle. Its most well-known representatives include notable figures such as actress Pamela Anderson and designer Harald Glööckler. Recently, many influencers have also joined its ranks, bringing further attention to PETA’s cause.

Recently, PETA in the USA has sparked discussion with a letter addressed to the largest manufacturers of carousels. The letter presents a demand that challenges the traditional practices of amusement parks. According to PETA, children should no longer be allowed to ride on carousel animals such as horses, dolphins, or elephants. PETA argues that such activities inadvertently promote the use of animals for human pleasure, which is against the organization’s core beliefs.

Alternative suggestions: cars, planes or rainbows

Instead of using animals in carousels, the animal rights activists of PETA have proposed several alternative ideas. These include the use of cars, planes, excavators, or even spaceships as carousel rides. In an effort to spur imagination, PETA also suggests using more whimsical objects such as shooting stars, rainbows, or witches’ brooms.

PETA believes that children, through play, can learn to have respect and compassion for living and sentient beings. As such, the organization is calling on all carousel manufacturers to “slam the brakes on old-fashioned animal-themed rides and adopt designs that inspire children’s creativity and promote humanity.” This call to action signifies PETA’s ongoing commitment to its cause and its innovative approach to promoting animal rights.