Pre-Sport Advertising

Pre-Sport Advertising

Are you one of those who kickstart their week without any rest because the exhilaration of the Super Bowl is still surging in your bloodstream? Watching the Super Bowl, which is arguably the most significant spectacle in half the world, has become an essential tradition for many. You get to witness some American football played during the commercial breaks in this extravaganza.

The beauty of the Super Bowl is that it transcends the boundaries of sports. You don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to feel the excitement of this grand event. It’s a marketing marvel that could possibly serve as a rough blueprint for other popular sports in different countries. In Germany, for instance, the only feasible option would be football. In terms of glamour, the Bundesliga is rather conservative, especially when compared to the NFL. However, imagine what could happen if the championship was decided in a single game, and the pre-match banter between Hoffenheim and Heidenheim was part of the tight one-game plan?

For instance, the inaugural Bundesliga Bowl could happen in Wolfsburg, a city that could be seen as the German equivalent to Las Vegas, rising from the desert of Lower Saxony. Taylor Swift, who is somewhat the American counterpart to Helene Fischer, could travel from her Munich concert to Hanover on the day of the match (all the private jets would be parked on the runway in Wolfsburg), and then take the ICE train via Berlin to Wolfsburg. Herbert Grönemeyer could perform the national anthem before the game, although he might not agree to do it. So, Howard Carpendale could be a more likely choice.

During the commercial breaks, the atmosphere in the stadium could be even more entertaining than in the USA, as the audience could throw yellow tennis balls onto the field to keep themselves engaged.

From a sports perspective, there can be fascinating divisional divisions and game plans for a regular season main round. You don’t necessarily have to understand these to enjoy the games. This could enable Bayer and Bayern to face each other in the final for the first time this season. It could also lead to Tuchel’s tactics failing, but that’s just a part of the game. Or….

… maybe we should just let the Super Bowl be, and keep it where it belongs – between the commercial breaks in the land of endless possibilities. If you prefer to start your week well-rested, you don’t necessarily have to tune in. Nonetheless, even Super Bowl 58 was quite an enjoyable affair.