Red Bull Team Manager Christian Horner Accused of “Improper Behavior”

Red Bull Team Manager Christian Horner Accused of “Improper Behavior”

Within the champion stable, there is a surge of whispers and rumors, stirring up a behind-the-scenes buzz.

In the recent development, Christian Horner, the team manager of Red Bull, who has reigned supreme in the F1 season, has been accused of “improper behavior” towards one of the stable’s employees. This news was first reported by The Telegraph, a Dutch newspaper, and later referenced by other sources such as

The claim of inappropriate behavior was brought to light by the employee himself. Following the revelation, Red Bull has initiated an independent investigation into the matter, as informed by a team employee to De Telegraaf.

“The ongoing process is being managed by an external attorney, a specialist in such matters. The company treats issues like this with utmost seriousness, and the investigation is expected to be concluded as swiftly as possible,” says an internal source from Red Bull.

The specifics of the “improper behavior” allegations have not been disclosed. Similarly, there are no leaks about the circumstances or the location of the alleged incident, or details about the professional relationship between Horner and the employee.

Horner has refuted the accusations levelled against him. It has been reported by Sky Sports that Horner will retain his position as the team manager while the investigation is in progress.

Horner, aged 50, has been at the helm of the Red Bull team since its inception in 2005. The team, owned by the energy drink company, has secured six manufacturers’ championships and seven drivers’ championships in its history.

Max Verstappen, a Dutch national, who has clinched the previous three World Drivers’ Championships, will continue to serve as Red Bull’s race driver this year alongside the Mexican driver, Sergio Perez.