Reports: Neo-Nazis Parade Swastikas, Chant “There Will Be Blood,” Outside Wisconsin Synagogue

Reports: Neo-Nazis Parade Swastikas, Chant “There Will Be Blood,” Outside Wisconsin Synagogue

Neo-Nazis March in Downtown Madison, Wisconsin, Inciting Hatred and Racism

A group of neo-Nazis, identified as members of the white supremacist organization Blood Tribe, recently marched through downtown Madison, Wisconsin, according to CBS News. The masked marchers, nearly two dozen in number, brandished swastika flags and chanted disturbing slogans such as “There will be blood.” They proceeded along State Street towards the Wisconsin State Capital before eventually congregating in front of a historic synagogue, as reported by the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal. It is worth noting that the synagogue is currently not in use for religious purposes.

Blood Tribe is a white supremacist group whose primary objective is to normalize the swastika, revive Nazi ideology, and establish a white ethno-state led by “Aryans,” as stated by the Anti-Defamation League. Since 2021, the group has been targeting Jews, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. During the march, the participants hurled racial slurs at onlookers, according to The Daily Beast.

The mayor of Madison, Satya Rhodes-Conway, swiftly condemned the neo-Nazi symbols and the group’s actions. In a statement, Rhodes-Conway emphasized that the city rejects hate groups like the one that invaded their community. The mayor accused the marchers of promoting hatred, racism, and antisemitism.

The Madison Police Department, while acknowledging the importance of protecting First Amendment rights, made it clear that they do not support hateful rhetoric. A police incident report stated that their obligation is to safeguard the community from any form of hate speech.

Wisconsin’s governor, Tony Evers, expressed his disgust at the march, describing it as truly revolting. Meanwhile, David Goldenberg, the ADL Midwest Regional Director, urged individuals to speak out against antisemitism, extremism, and hate, and to take necessary actions to ensure the safety of Jews.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing presence of hate groups in society and the importance of actively combatting their ideologies. It is crucial for communities to unite against all forms of discrimination and work towards creating an inclusive and tolerant society.