“Rim’s” Robot Taxis in Zagreb to Implement Israeli Technology, Testing to Start This Year

“Rim’s” Robot Taxis in Zagreb to Implement Israeli Technology, Testing to Start This Year

Project 3 Mobility (P3) has announced a new partnership with Mobileye, an Israeli company leading the way in the development of autonomous driving solutions. P3, a firm focused on revolutionizing urban mobility, revealed on Monday that Mobileye’s autonomous driving technology, Mobileye Drive, will be incorporated into their autonomous vehicle designs.

According to a statement from P3, their primary aim is to dramatically enhance transportation within urban areas and revolutionize city mobility. They plan to launch their service in Zagreb in 2026, with initial testing of Mobileye’s technology on the Croatian capital’s streets commencing this year.

However, P3 makes it clear that this doesn’t imply that autonomous taxis will be immediately deployed in Zagreb. They explain that the initial phase will concentrate on mapping Zagreb’s streets, using specially equipped test vehicles provided by P3. Following the mapping stage, the focus will shift to testing Mobileye’s autonomous system solution to ensure it is calibrated to this environment. Various test vehicles, which may not resemble the autonomous vehicles P3 is developing, will be used throughout these phases, and safety drivers will be present as a precaution.

P3 is in the process of developing its own autonomous electric vehicle from scratch, a key element of their vision for a new urban mobility ecosystem. This vehicle development process includes creating a brand-new vehicle platform optimized for autonomous driving. The P3 vehicle will fully integrate Mobileye’s technology, utilizing the Mobileye Drive system for autonomous driving.

Marko Pejković, the CEO and co-founder of P3, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Mobileye, stating that it will be instrumental in achieving their vision of improving city mobility. He highlighted Mobileye’s extensive experience, innovative technology, and dedicated team, and expressed pride in Mobileye’s recognition of their project’s value. Pejković believes that this project will bring multiple benefits to Zagreb and other cities where their service will be provided.

Foto: P3 mobility

Mobileye technology in 170 million vehicles

Over the past two decades, Mobileye has been at the forefront of developing advanced solutions to improve traffic safety, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision. Their technology is now integrated into over 170 million vehicles worldwide. The Mobileye Drive system is highly adaptable, capable of functioning in various geographic locations, on different types of roads, and under diverse weather conditions. It can also adjust to local driving styles, according to a press release.

The Mobileye Drive technology uses a combination of redundant camera and lidar-radar sensors, REM™ cartography based on mass data collection, and the EyeQ™ system on a chip. This unique combination enables Mobileye to monitor traffic dynamics and provide an autonomous driving service tailored to a specific service area.

Prof. Amnon Shashua, the founder and CEO of Mobileye, welcomed the collaboration with P3 and expressed enthusiasm about creating an innovative new mobility service. He highlighted their shared vision of safe and affordable city mobility, achievable through their advanced Mobileye Drive technology, a flexible platform developed for various vehicle types.

Following the launch in Zagreb, P3 plans to extend its service to other cities around the world, thanks to the adaptable Mobileye autonomous driving system. P3 has already established agreements with nine cities and is in ongoing discussions with an additional 30 cities across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Through their new mobility service (Mobility-as-a-Service), P3 aims to enhance traffic efficiency and safety, and positively impact the environment and city infrastructure.