Russian President’s Comments Deemed ‘Irresponsible’ by Paris and Washington

Russian President’s Comments Deemed ‘Irresponsible’ by Paris and Washington

In the wake of Vladimir Putin’s annual speech to the Nation, where he raised a nuclear threat, Paris and Washington have expressed their concerns. Sébastien Lecornu, after visiting the drone company Delair near Toulouse, told journalists, “I paid close attention to the Russian Federation President’s speech this morning. We, as a nuclear power, do not have the privilege to act irresponsibly or provoke escalation.”

On Thursday, Putin cautioned the West about a potential nuclear war if the conflict in Ukraine escalates and Western troops are deployed. This warning came two days after French President Emmanuel Macron suggested the possibility of such an event.

The French Minister of the Armed Forces continued, “The Russian president also mentioned threats from the West. However, there are no imminent threats to the Russian Federation.” He criticized Russia’s narrative of painting itself as a victim and an attacked party, emphasizing that it is widely known that Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine. He pointed out Russia’s increasing aggression and manipulation, even threatening French interests. He concluded, “The Russian threat is stronger now than it was two years ago, and the situation is becoming significantly more challenging.”

The United States also responded, labeling the Russian president’s warning as “irresponsible”. Matthew Miller, a State Department spokesman, told reporters, “This is not the first time we’ve seen irresponsible rhetoric from Vladimir Putin. This is not a suitable way for a nuclear-armed state leader to speak.”

The American official reminded that they had previously communicated with Russia privately and directly about the consequences of using a nuclear weapon. He added, however, “We have no indication that Russia is planning to use a nuclear weapon.”