Sachin Pilot Takes a Jab at BJP, Reveals Party’s Advice for Moving On

Sachin Pilot Takes a Jab at BJP, Reveals Party’s Advice for Moving On

Congress leader Sachin Pilot, who led a rebellion against his party’s government in Rajasthan three years ago, is now actively campaigning for the re-election bid of the Congress party. He is working in coordination with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to ensure that the Congress defeats the BJP and retains power in the state. NDTV caught up with Sachin Pilot during his campaign trail to discuss the upcoming election, the Congress’ strategy, and his relationship with Gehlot.

During one rally, Pilot criticized the BJP’s promise of development, mocking their claim of having a “double engine” in states that support them in both Lok Sabha and Assembly polls. He pointed out the failures of the BJP in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka.

The Congress party is confident about the election outcome in Rajasthan. A pre-poll survey conducted by NDTV last month indicated that 76% of voters are satisfied with the current government.

Pilot expressed optimism about the Congress’ chances of winning the election, highlighting the party’s focus on delivering social welfare schemes. He emphasized the importance of credibility and said that the Congress had delivered immediate results in Karnataka. The party aims to create an equitable Rajasthan and provide opportunities for the youth.

When asked about the Chief Ministerial race, Pilot downplayed any speculation and stated that the final decision rests with the party leadership. He mentioned that the Congress is a national party with multiple faces, and the MLAs will decide the Chief Minister after the election.

Regarding his feud with Ashok Gehlot, Pilot stated that it is in the past. He revealed that he had met with senior Congress leaders who advised him to forgive and forget, and move forward. In an earlier interview, Pilot had also expressed the importance of working together and focusing on the party’s success rather than personal differences.

Pilot also addressed the issue of exam paper leaks in Rajasthan, welcoming efforts to curb the menace. He highlighted the state’s law that imposes a life term for those involved in leaking papers. However, he criticized the BJP for allegedly using the Enforcement Directorate against the Congress.

The election in Rajasthan will take place in a single phase on November 25th, with results expected on December 3rd.