Scholz and Tusk Criticize Trump’s Statements as Dangerous and Beneficial to Russia

Scholz and Tusk Criticize Trump’s Statements as Dangerous and Beneficial to Russia

Trump, the former American president who has decided to run for the presidency once more, has recently drawn criticism from his Western allies. This took place after he suggested on Sunday that the United States might reconsider its commitment to defending NATO allies who fail to meet the required defense spending in case of a possible attack from Russia.

Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, expressed his concerns about Trump’s statement after a meeting with Donald Tusk in Berlin. He stated, “Any relativization of the guarantee of coming to the aid of other NATO members is irresponsible and dangerous and only works in Russia’s hands.”

Scholz further emphasized the interconnectedness of NATO members by saying, “the security of Poland is also our security”. He went on to highlight the fundamental principle of NATO – collective defense. He stated, “The protection obligation of each NATO member is unlimited. All for one, one for all,”

According to Scholz, Germany and Poland have a solid cooperation on all levels. He stressed the importance of solidarity and joint action, especially in these current times.

He added, “Especially at a time when Russian imperialism threatens the common security of Europe,” thereby emphasizing the gravity of the current situation.

Donald Tusk, in his remarks, insisted that both Germany and Poland need to bear joint responsibility for enhancing Europe’s defense capability.

Tusk also emphasized the irreplaceability of the close cooperation between Europe and the USA. He said, “We must do everything to ensure that transatlantic cooperation remains the basis of our security. There is no alternative to this cooperation”.

Prior to his visit to Berlin, the Polish Prime Minister had visited Paris. During his visit, he highlighted that the European Union enjoys financial and economic superiority compared to Russia. He argued that financial constraints should not be a hindrance to bolstering Europe’s defense mechanisms.

He said, “There is no reason why the strongest economic and technological power in the world, such as the EU, should not be effective when it comes to armaments when it is threatened by an aggressive neighbor,”.

Regarding the demand for war reparations by the former right-wing Polish government, Scholz reiterated Germany’s responsibility for the atrocities committed during World War II. He said, “German responsibility cannot be abolished simply by drawing a line under some historical period,”.

The relationship between Germany and Poland has been strained in recent years under the rule of the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party. During this period, Warsaw has frequently brought up the issue of war reparations.

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