Scholz Encountered His “Double” in Washington

Scholz Encountered His “Double” in Washington

Upon initial observation, one could easily mistake them for each other: The esteemed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), during his visit to the bustling US capital of Washington, had an encounter with his American counterpart, Chris Coons.

Chris Coons, aged 60, holds an influential position as a senator representing the state of Delaware and is a key figure within the Democratic Party.

Their meeting took place in the convivial setting of a dinner attended by several members of the United States Congress on a Thursday evening. Scholz, evidently thrilled by the reunion, took to Twitter and posted in English: “Great to see my doppelganger again.” He also shared a photograph of their encounter, which added a visual element to his audience’s experience.

Coons also contributed to the online interaction by posting the selfie they took together on his account. He posed a playful question in German to his followers: “Who is who?” This sparked curiosity and engagement among his German-speaking audience and further highlighted their striking resemblance.

This was not their first time crossing paths. A similar photo was taken when they both attended the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) held in Davos the previous year. The uncanny resemblance in their hairstyle, stature, and even their facial expressions elicited amusement and intrigue. During his recent visit to Washington, Scholz took the opportunity to advocate for increased military aid for Ukraine. He also had plans to meet with the US President Joe Biden at the White House on a Friday afternoon, local time.