Smotrich Announces Reduced Budget Cuts for Youth Organizations

Smotrich Announces Reduced Budget Cuts for Youth Organizations

A recent mass protest against the Ministry of Finance’s proposed reductions in government funding for teenage and youth organizations appears to have made a significant impact. At the commencement of a meeting held by the Knesset Finance Committee, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich declared that the decision would be reconsidered.

Smotrich clarified that while the funding cuts will still occur, they will not be as drastic as initially planned. Instead of the substantial decrease of 10 million shekels, the budget for youth organizations will only be reduced by a more manageable sum of 1 million shekels.

As noted by Srugim, the revised draft state budget for the fiscal year 2024, which was accepted in its first reading just last week, incorporated, among other factors, a reduction in funds allocated to youth organizations by 10 million shekels.

The leaders of these organizations have expressed their concerns, stating that the removal of state support would essentially mean the dissolution of teenage and youth movements in Israel. This would include renowned and popular movements among teenagers such as Bnei Akiva, Tzofim, and several others, leading to a significant impact on the country’s youth.

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