Taking Care of our Bullet is Essential

Taking Care of our Bullet is Essential

The esteemed national women’s basketball coach, Miguel Méndez, expressed that they were prepared to face the circumstances of relying on their own performance to secure their place in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This crucial moment was set to occur on the final day of the Hungarian Pre-Olympic against the hosting nation.

Méndez stated, “The outcomes of the past matches speak for themselves. We were up against Japan, the Olympic runner-up, Canada, the fourth-ranking team in the world, and Hungary, who made it to the Eurobasket semifinals. The statistics were a clear indication that the competition was going to be extremely challenging. Each team has shown up with the sole intention of earning their spot in the prestigious Olympic Games.” These words were conveyed in a statement provided by the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB).

The coach from Galicia emphasized that the team’s fate lying in their own hands is exactly the scenario they had hoped for in their final match against the host nation. “We entered the last day with complete control of our destiny. We possess the capability to perform our best and secure qualification, a situation we would have readily agreed to before our arrival,” he confidently expressed.

Additionally, Méndez brought up the potential double opportunity that Spain could seize this Sunday. A victory by Japan over Canada prior to the Spanish team’s game would mean the Spanish team has already completed their assignment before even stepping foot in the Sopron Arena. “The facts are blatant. Spain has two chances tomorrow, but we as a team have only one, and it’s our duty to focus on our game and prepare thoroughly,” he declared.

“Currently, we are allowing the players to rest and get ready for the match because our ultimate goal will be achieved if we win the game,” added Méndez. He showed great determination to secure a win as it would serve as a ticket to the Paris 2024 Olympics for the team that secured the position of Olympic runner-up back in 2016.