Tennis Star Rublev Disqualified Following Outburst in Dubai

Tennis Star Rublev Disqualified Following Outburst in Dubai

The Russian tennis player, Andrei Rublev, took part in the semifinals of the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai on Friday. However, the match did not end as expected. The player, who is ranked fifth in the world, lost his cool during a crucial stage of the game against Kazakhstani player, Alexander Bublik. Reacting to a point scored by Bublik, Rublev yelled at a linesman, leading to his disqualification due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

Despite falling behind in a set, Bublik managed to hold his own and fight back. The 26-year-old then moved forward to the final where he is set to compete against Frenchman, Hugo Humbert. Humbert had earlier surprised everyone by winning 7:5,6:3 against top-seeded Russian player, Daniil Medwedew.

The match between Rublev and Bublik was an intense one, with both players having complained to the officials multiple times. However, things reached a boiling point during the decisive phase of the third round after about two and a half hours of play. Rublev, who believed Bublik’s point-scoring ball was out, shouted at the linesman.

Rublew to Fall Out of the Top 5 in World Rankings

The linesman, who was at the receiving end of Rublev’s outburst, claimed that the Russian player had insulted him in his native language. Rublev, however, insisted that he spoke in English and did not use any offensive language. Despite his defense, the referee stuck to his version of events. After the intervention of the ATP supervisor, Rublev was disqualified by the main referee. As a result of his disqualification, Rublev will not receive any world ranking points for his performance in Dubai and will subsequently fall out of the top five in world rankings.

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