Trump Pledges Mass Deportations if Re-Elected

Trump Pledges Mass Deportations if Re-Elected

Former US President Donald Trump expressed his approval for the failure of a proposed migration legislation in the Senate, promising extensive deportations if he were to be re-elected. He stated, “From the onset, I will oppose the entire open borders policy of the Biden administration and we will commence the most extensive national deportation operation in U.S. history,” during a rally in South Carolina.

Trump, a Republican, stressed that they had no other alternative. He referred to the rejection of the legislative package as “a major triumph that every conservative should celebrate.”

On Wednesday, the Republicans in the US Senate resisted a legislative package worth $118 billion (around 110 billion euros). The National Security Amendment Act that was proposed included:

  • $60 billion to aid Ukraine in their battle against Russian aggression,
  • $14.1 billion for Israel,
  • $20.2 billion for border security.

The compromise that Democrats and Republicans had negotiated included many modifications to immigration policy.

Trump plans to leverage border security as a campaign issue

The decision to tie foreign aid to US border security was initially a concession by Biden’s party to the Republicans. However, Trump’s disapproval is currently causing resistance among Republicans. He hopes to reclaim the presidency in the upcoming November elections and plans to use border policy as a campaign issue.

The conservative leader has publicly taken a stand against the reform package, pressuring his fellow Republican lawmakers to reject it. The Senate is now contemplating a package that totally separates foreign aid from border policy.

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