Two Dead in Tragic Incident

Two Dead in Tragic Incident

As reported by various news agencies including Reuters, a business jet was forced to make an emergency landing on a bustling highway in Florida, US on Friday. The plane in question was a Bombardier Challenger 600 model.

This unfortunate incident began when, during the landing process, the plane collided with a vehicle that was on the highway. The impact was so severe that the plane subsequently caught fire.

At the time of the accident, there were five people aboard the plane. Sadly, the accident resulted in the death of two individuals. However, it is still unclear whether the deceased were passengers of the plane or were in the vehicle that the plane collided with.

The plane was en route from Ohio to Florida. Just a short time before it was scheduled to land at Naples, Florida, the pilots sent a distress signal to Naples airport indicating that both of the plane’s engines had failed.

The Naples Airport Communications Manager, Robin King, expressed uncertainty about what exactly transpired. Speaking to The New York Times, she stated, “We’re still not quite sure what happened. We lost contact with the plane.”

Based on media reports, three people were able to escape from the burning plane.

Clips of the aftermath of the accident, shared by US media outlets, show the plane resting on the side of the highway. A few meters away from the plane, a passenger car can be seen, badly wrecked from the collision.