Ukrainian Soldier Sets New Record for Longest Sniper Kill with ‘Horizon’s Lord’

Ukrainian Soldier Sets New Record for Longest Sniper Kill with ‘Horizon’s Lord’

Ukraine Claims Longest Sniper Kill Shot, Surpassing Previous Record

Ukraine’s Special Forces are asserting that one of their soldiers has achieved the world’s longest sniper kill, targeting and eliminating a Russian combatant from a distance of 2.36 miles, according to Interfax-Ukraine. However, due to the lack of sufficient evidence, it is difficult to confirm the accuracy of this claim.

The available footage, which is grainy and inconclusive, shows an outdoor scene with a highlighted circular area where two figures can be vaguely seen. Three shots are fired, and after the second shot, both figures drop down, with one seemingly attempting to crawl away.

The sniper responsible for this record-breaking shot reportedly used the Volodar Obriyu rifle, produced in Ukraine and known as “Horizon’s Lord,” as stated by the Special Forces. Unfortunately, they did not provide any additional details regarding the date or location of the incident.

While there is no universally recognized list of longest sniper kills, there are a few generally accepted contenders. If verified, this recent achievement would surpass the previous record by approximately 0.2 miles, which was credited to an unnamed Canadian soldier in Iraq in 2017. Additionally, in 2022, another Ukrainian soldier was acknowledged by the country’s armed forces for the second-longest kill, accomplished from nearly 1.7 miles away.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukrainian snipers have gained a mythical reputation, with one unit even earning the nickname “Ghosts of Bakhmut.” The group’s commander, known by the call sign “Ghost,” claims responsibility for 113 out of the 558 kills attributed to the unit within a span of nine months. However, Business Insider was unable to independently verify these figures.

Despite the romanticized portrayal of snipers in popular culture, the reality of their work is grueling, according to “Ghost.” He explained that snipers can endure up to 16 hours in a single position, patiently waiting for their target. The actual shot itself is just a small fraction of the comprehensive skill set required for this profession.

In conclusion, Ukraine’s claim of achieving the world’s longest sniper kill, surpassing the previous record, is currently awaiting verification. While Ukrainian snipers have garnered significant attention and admiration, the true nature of their work is far from glamorous.