44 Airbnb Horror Stories: Nightmarish Houses and Hosts Make Me Swear Off Airbnb for Good

44 Airbnb Horror Stories: Nightmarish Houses and Hosts Make Me Swear Off Airbnb for Good

Airbnb, once hailed as a great alternative to hotels, has recently faced a significant decline in quality. Many users have reported horror stories about their experiences with Airbnb properties and hosts. While the blame cannot be solely placed on the company itself, the exorbitant fees certainly contribute to the problem.

Here are 43 examples of awful Airbnbs and hosts that have made people reconsider their choice to stay with the platform. One host engaged in an argument about the distinction between mice and rats instead of helping their guest deal with the rodent issue in their home. Another property featured a bathroom that was so appalling that anyone would immediately leave upon seeing it. The photos of some Airbnbs were misleading, with the actual space being much smaller than advertised. Some guests even found themselves in bathrooms where they could wash their hands while sitting on the toilet due to the cramped space.

Some hosts went to absurd lengths to provide amenities. For instance, one host offered a cheese grater that was so tiny it seemed suitable only for ants. In another case, a guest paid $700 for their stay, only to find half a sponge available for their use. Additionally, hosts have started requesting tips, adding insult to injury for already expensive accommodations.

Moreover, there have been instances of unreasonable penalties imposed by hosts. One guest was charged $150 for forgetting ketchup in the fridge, while others faced penalties for not leaving the place spotless despite already paying a cleaning fee. Some hosts even canceled reservations at the last minute, leaving guests stranded and forcing them to find alternative accommodations.

In terms of bizarre and uncomfortable situations, guests have encountered Airbnbs with hentai artwork plastered all over the walls, restrictions on working and studying from home, and even unsettling items left in the fridge. Hidden cameras have been discovered in several properties, violating guests’ privacy and trust. Other issues include drained pools, unreasonable thermostat settings, and misleading instructions for obtaining keys.

The list goes on, with complaints ranging from unreasonable kitchen rules to metallic-tasting water, and from unclean pools to occupied accommodations. Guests have also encountered fake vents, mattresses that could barely be called such, and showers accessible only by stepping over toilets. Furthermore, faulty electrical outlets, dirty knives, and stained sheets have added to the overall dissatisfaction.

One user even had to solve seven rat maze puzzles to access their Airbnb account after a 17-hour flight, highlighting the frustration caused by excessive captchas.

These examples illustrate the decline in quality and the negative experiences that guests have encountered with Airbnb. While it is important to acknowledge that not all Airbnbs and hosts possess these issues, it is clear that Airbnb needs to address these concerns and ensure that the platform maintains its reputation as a reliable alternative to traditional hotels.