Ahmedabad Crowd Criticized for Shocking Silence, Accused of ‘Disrespecting’ Players During World Cup Final

Ahmedabad Crowd Criticized for Shocking Silence, Accused of ‘Disrespecting’ Players During World Cup Final

Australia Beats India in Cricket World Cup Final, Crowd Criticized for Silence

In the final match of the Cricket World Cup 2023, Australia emerged victorious against India not only on the field but also in silencing the home crowd. Approximately 130,000 fans, donned in blue, gathered to support the Indian team in their pursuit of the ODI World Cup title. However, as Australia dominated the game, the crowd’s behavior turned unruly, drawing criticism from social media users who accused them of disrespecting the Australian team and match officials.

Prior to the match, Australia captain Pat Cummins had expressed his desire to “silence the crowd.” While Cummins and his team succeeded in their mission, the fans present at the venue were slammed for their failure to uplift the spirits of the Indian team when they needed it the most.

Several Twitter users voiced their disappointment with the crowd’s lack of enthusiasm. Atul Kasbekar tweeted, “The Ahmedabad crowd was rubbish. We need proper fans inside the stadium instead of fly-by-night pretenders like the amazing people at Wankhede who cheered the team on, especially Mohammad Shami after the dropped catch, chanting his name non-stop. They boosted him and the team.” Another user, Alisha Imran, questioned the literacy rate in Ahmedabad and criticized the crowd for booing the umpires. Deshpande also expressed disappointment, stating that the Wankhede crowd would have cheered and boosted the team’s morale compared to the lackluster crowd in Ahmedabad.

Some fans even left the game early, realizing that the Indian team had little chance of winning the final. Cummins himself expressed satisfaction with the silence of the crowd during the bowling innings. He praised the passion of Indian fans but also acknowledged the exceptional moment of the match, regardless of the outcome.

The Australian team’s victory in the World Cup final was undoubtedly a significant achievement, but the crowd’s behavior and lack of support for the Indian team has drawn criticism and raised questions about their sportsmanship.