Social Media Users Reveal Shocking Instances of Utter Disconnect in Recent Comments

Social Media Users Reveal Shocking Instances of Utter Disconnect in Recent Comments

Redditor u/nlwfty recently asked the people of Reddit, “What’s the most out-of-touch thing you’ve heard someone say?” The responses were both baffling and cringe-worthy. Here are some of the most absurd statements:

1. “Aren’t you a bit too old to have a grandma?” – A neighbor’s response to someone sharing their grandmother’s passing.

2. “You seem sad.” – A mother’s comment to her daughter at her husband’s funeral.

3. “With a hefty storm approaching England, a politician advised those in its path to go to their second or third homes to be safe.” – A politician’s suggestion to leave one’s home during a storm and seek refuge in multiple properties.

4. “The cost of living hasn’t increased since 1992.” – A father’s denial of the rising cost of living, despite working in a school district for several years.

5. “Well, find a rich boyfriend then.” – A Dutch party leader’s response to people struggling with housing affordability.

6. “Just save up for a few months and pay cash for a starter home.” – A naive statement suggesting that it’s easy to save up enough money to purchase a house outright.

7. “Rent is so expensive. You should buy a triplex and rent the other units out instead.” – A misguided suggestion, considering the high cost of triplexes.

8. “Why don’t people just buy their homes in cash outright?” – A wealthy heiress’ misunderstanding of the financial challenges faced by average Americans.

9. “Just go door to door to see if they’re hiring. And don’t take no for an answer!” – A mother’s outdated advice on job hunting.

10. “The wife of the business owner complaining about being underpaid while her family makes a substantial profit.” – An oblivious business owner’s wife, unaware of her privileged financial situation.

11. “Sometimes, after a massage, the pillow leaves a circular indent on my face, and I can’t go out to lunch.” – A customer’s complaint about a minor inconvenience, oblivious to the struggles of the person providing the service.

12. “I don’t have college debt, but my parents are only allowing me to buy two new Apple products this year, not three.” – A college student’s attempt to relate to others’ financial struggles.

13. “I can use a condom two times by rolling it on the other side.” – A friend’s misguided belief in reusing condoms.

14. “Have ‘the maid’ drop my car at the shop.” – A boss’s insensitive comment, referring to someone’s assistance as “the maid.”

15. “Everyone’s parents leave them an inheritance. I’m sure they’re just keeping it a secret from you.” – A coworker’s assumption about inheritance, ignorant of the financial struggles of others.

16. “People in the slums have the same chances and opportunities as everyone else.” – A statement revealing a complete lack of understanding about the crushing impact of poverty.

17. “Millennials just need to save their leftovers to afford a home.” – A board member’s misguided belief that saving leftovers is the solution to housing affordability.

18. “What do you mean you’ve never vacationed in the South of France?” – A statement highlighting someone’s obliviousness to financial limitations.

19. “A police officer cannot commit a crime because their job prevents them from premeditating.” – A police chief’s argument against police reform, completely disregarding the possibility of criminal behavior by officers.

20. “If gas prices are too high for you, just buy an electric car.” – An oversimplified suggestion to combat rising gas prices, ignoring the financial constraints of purchasing an electric vehicle.

These statements serve as reminders of the out-of-touch perspectives that exist in society. It’s important to recognize and challenge such ignorance in order to foster empathy and understanding.