“Dahomey” Documentary Secures Golden Bear Award

“Dahomey” Documentary Secures Golden Bear Award

This year, a total of 20 films were in the running for the esteemed Golden Bears award. The announcement of the winners was made on Saturday by a jury led by renowned actress and Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’o.

The prestigious Golden Bear award was bestowed upon the documentary film “Dahomey” directed by French-born filmmaker, Mati Diopn. Diopn, who has Senegalese roots, has focused her film on the restitution of stolen African art treasures. The film follows the journey of 26 statues that were stolen and taken to France, as they are returned to their country of origin, present-day Benin.

The Silver Bear for screenplay was awarded to the German Director Matthias Glasner for his drama film, “Die”. This represents the only competition award received by Germany. This intense three-hour film delves into the daily struggles of a fractured family, with Corinna Harfouch and Lars Eidinger taking on the leading roles.

This year, the Grand Jury Prize was awarded to South Korea for the film “Yeohaengjaui Pilyo” (“A Traveller’s Needs”) directed by veteran South Korean director Hong Sangsoo. The film stars acclaimed actress Isabelle Huppert as a unique French woman striving to make a living as a language teacher in South Korea.

The Silver Bear for the best leading role was awarded to Romanian-American Actor Sebastian Stan. Stan, at the age of 41, received this accolade for his outstanding performance in the tragicomedy “A Different Man”. In the film, he plays a man with a deformed face who, after an experiment, transforms into an outwardly attractive individual. However, contrary to his expectations, this transformation does not bring him any fortune.

The award for best supporting role was won by British actress Emily Watson for her performance in the Irish-Belgian drama “Small Things Like These”. The jury prize was won by the science fiction parody, “The Empire”. Directed by Dumont, the film humorously satirizes common science fiction narratives, telling the story of the battle for survival on Earth between two alien worlds originating from the depths of space.

The Dominican director Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias was awarded the Silver Bear for best director for his experimental film, “Pepe”. The film tells the story of a deceased hippopotamus named Pepe who was once illegally smuggled from Africa to Colombia by the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar for his private zoo. The story is largely told from the perspective of Pepe. For outstanding artistic achievement, Austrian cameraman Martin Gschlacht was honored with a Silver Bear. He was recognized for his exceptional work on the historical drama, “Des Teufels Bad”.