Emotional Message from Uttarakhand Worker Trapped in Silkyara Tunnel: “Mother, I’m Safe! Please Remember to Eat on Time”

Emotional Message from Uttarakhand Worker Trapped in Silkyara Tunnel: “Mother, I’m Safe! Please Remember to Eat on Time”

Trapped Workers in Uttarkashi Tunnel Finally Speak to Relatives after 10 Days

The workers who have been trapped in the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi have received some relief as they were able to speak to their relatives for the first time since being stuck in the tunnel for 10 days.

On Tuesday morning, the rescue team officials made a major breakthrough by successfully developing communication with the trapped workers through a 6-inch pipeline. One of the trapped workers, Jaidev, spoke to the supervisor at the tunnel collapse site and sent a message to his mother in Bangla. He reassured her that he was fine and asked her to eat her meals on time. The supervisor assured the workers that they would be evacuated soon.

Other trapped workers also managed to establish contact with their relatives and displayed remarkable courage and patience, asking their loved ones not to worry about them despite the difficult situation.

In the meantime, the Bajrang Dal (Jammu and Kashmir) organized a Havan Yagya for the safety of the trapped workers.

Arnold Dix, a spokesperson, provided an update on the rescue efforts. He mentioned that a 6-inch pipeline had been inserted and efforts were being made to make it fully functional. The evacuation tunnel was being drilled, and safe places within the tunnel were being created. Dix emphasized the dangerous environment and the need to ensure the safety of the rescuers. He also mentioned that the American augur machines were currently not working but preparations were being made.

Earlier in the day, rescuers managed to insert an endoscopy camera into the tunnel, revealing that the trapped workers had ample space to move around. The rescue team communicated with the workers through the pipeline and requested them to come in front of the camera for identification. The workers complied and were then instructed to clean the camera screen. The pipeline would be cleaned with water and a blower, so the workers were asked to step away from it.

The collapse of the tunnel occurred on November 12, trapping 41 workers. The trapped workers are believed to be in a 2 km-built tunnel portion that has access to electricity and water, providing some safety measures.

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