Home Inspectors Reveal Shocking Discoveries with Disturbing Photo Evidence

Home Inspectors Reveal Shocking Discoveries with Disturbing Photo Evidence

Spotted: Outrageous Home Repairs Discovered Through Reddit

In a recent Reddit thread, users shared some unbelievable home repair fails that left them scratching their heads. From bizarre plumbing mishaps to questionable electrical fixes, these homeowners certainly took DIY to a whole new level.

One user, u/curiousgurl, stumbled upon a spout pointed directly at an exterior outlet. It seems like a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

Another user, u/lvinal, discovered a wall infested with so many bees that honey was leaking out of an electrical outlet. Talk about a sticky situation!

Not to be outdone, u/aayamdahal shared a photo of a shower head installed right above a staircase. It seems like an unconventional way to freshen up, to say the least.

But the DIY disasters didn’t stop there. u/rerek found a downstairs staircase that led to nowhere. It seems like a cruel prank played by the previous homeowner.

In another shocking find, u/JonjakobJinkleHymer stumbled upon a massive crack in the ceiling that was “repaired” with a single wooden board. Talk about a Band-Aid solution!

Meanwhile, u/monster3984 discovered a homeowner’s unique approach to fixing a leak – piling up old T-shirts to soak up the water. A temporary fix at best!

The previous owners of a house, as shared by u/MomButtsDriveMeNuts, were not entirely wrong when they claimed insulation in the roof. However, it turned out to be quite literal, with the roof filled with insulation material.

One Reddit user, u/NikolaiBullcry, proudly shared a find that is sure to make it into their brother’s home inspection report. It’s not specified what the find is, but it’s safe to assume it’s something extraordinary.

In a rather unconventional electrical repair, u/Bills82 discovered that a power line was fixed with jumper cables. Safety first, right?

A shocking discovery made by u/DMAS1638 left everyone audibly gasping. The entire structure was infested with fungus, requiring a complete replacement.

A door to the basement, as shared by u/xRenascent, had been collecting moisture and mold for an unknown number of decades. Definitely not a pleasant surprise for any homeowner.

If you’re in need of electrical work, u/Walmart_Valet knows a guy. The image shared alongside the comment leaves a lot to the imagination.

In yet another questionable home improvement choice, u/trabbler found a bathroom exhaust vent covered by a single shingle. It’s unclear how effective the venting would be in this case.

And lastly, u/Not_Joshy stumbled across a death-defying sight – a ladder precariously balanced on an unstable surface. Definitely not a recommended DIY tactic.

Finally, u/mbe8819 discovered a truly unique plumbing setup – a toilet plumbed with hot water. Talk about an uncomfortable bathroom experience!

These Reddit users certainly encountered some memorable home repair fails. It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s best to leave the repairs to the professionals.